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Tension rolling machines
The S - Series. Precise rolling, multifunctional application
The robust tensioning machines of the S - Series have been especially developed for operation at sharpening
centres and at saw manufacturers‘. Already in the basic provision the circular saw blades and steel blades
enable a perfect rolling procedure. The S -1600 thereby tensions saw blades with a diameter of 250 mm to
1.600 mm The slightly larger S - 2000 can even treat saw blades with a diameter of up to 2.000 mm.
The optional frame saw support provides for real multifunctionality. With only one rolling machine circular and
frame saw blades can then be ideally tensioned. A special grid width adjustment enables the quick and easy
adaptation of the frame saw retention in different saw widths up to a maximum of 200 mm.
The solid and effective design for the rational application at sharpening centres or saw manufactures already
becomes visible with the construction of the S - Series.
Due to the multifunctional application of our rolling machines in circular and frame saw manufacture, production
procedures can be optimised. Therefore, the S - Series rolling machines are an investment which quickly pays
S-1600   | S-2000
Two driven rolling shafts provide the highest precision during the rolling pro-
cess in connection with maximum pressure of the rolling system of 6 tons. The
rolling machines of the S - Series have also been provided with tangential
adjustment on the feeding carriage for the compensation of disturbing pressure
and draft influences. The picture shows the S-1600 with Frame saw support.
Figures similar, subject to technical changes.
Technical data
  S-1600 S-2000
Saw blade diameter   250 – 1.600 mm 250 – 2.000 mm
Frame saw width (max.)   200 mm (optional) 200 mm (optional)
Automated processing   Optional Optional
Dimensions approx.   1.800 x 600 x 1.600 mm 2.000 x 600 x 1.600 mm
Weight approx.   450 kg 600 kg
Power input   1 kVA 1 kVA
Distance rolling line to the outer edge   430 mm (max.) 430 mm (max.)
Hydraulic pressure (max.)   250 bar / ca. 6 t 250 bar / ca. 6 t
Electric connection   400 V 3~ 50 Hz 400 V 3~ 50 Hz
Automatic tension rolling for production and maintenance
The S-800-A and the S-1200-A completes all rolling processes quickly with extreme accuracy, whereby the
machines are also prepared for connection to a handling system. Up to five rolling radii with individual rolling
pressure can be set up automatically. 20 different freely definable program variations are available for this
purpose. After setting radius and pressure, manual rolling is also possible.
S-800-A  | S-1200-A
Construction features and highlights are recognised during processing, e.g.
gullets automatically recognised and skipped over without contact. Thanks
to high process safety and the low personnel requirements, the S-800-A
and S-1200-A are extremely economical and highly efficient.
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Figures similar, subject to technical changes.
Technical data
  S-800-A S-1200-A
Saw blade diameter   250 – 800 mm 250 – 1.200 mm (optional max. Ø 1.400 mm)
Automated processing   Yes Yes
Dimensions approx.   2.100 x 900 x 1.500 mm 2.400 x 1.300 x 1.500 mm
Weight approx.   1.500 kg 1.600 kg
Power input   6 kVA 6 kVA
Smallest possible rolling radius approx.   70 mm 70 mm
Pneumatic (max.)   6 bar 6 bar
Electric connection   400 V 3~ 50 Hz 400 V 3~ 50 Hz

The S-Series

The perfect tension line for cir-
cular and frame saw blades

S-1600 | S-2000
1 Frame saw support
Multifunctional extension for additional
rolling of frame saw blades of up to
200 mm of width
2 Low pressure version
Reduces the rolling pressure for treating
thinner circular and frame saw blades
3 Multiple rolling
Fully automated rolling in different radi-
uses with variable pressurem
S-800-A | S-1200-A
1 Height adjustable holder
Also recessed circular saw blades
can be processed by means of the
optional and height adjustable saw
blade holder.
2 Multiple rolling
Up to five rolling radii with individual
rolling pressure can be set up auto-
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